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About Us

Living The Digital Lifestyle!

RobotSpaceship is an industry-leading, European podcast network with a focus on technology, culture, innovation and living the digital lifestyle. We cover topics related to digital transformation, disruption, innovation, business, marketing and social media, as it intersects across all industries and cultures.

Our audience is a highly targeted mix of passionate and curious technology enthusiasts, thought leaders, digital media professionals, and industry insiders.

German / English Format

Our company is based in Mainz, Germany and we place a large focus on the German and European tech industry, so we offer content in a bilingual German / English format.

Got Something to Share?

Let us know what’s going on! We’re really interested in networking and getting to know other like-minded people in the tech industry (companies, organizations, developers, content creators, etc) so please reach out and say hello. If you have something cool going on, please share your stuff.

Special Guests

We are always on the lookout for podcast guests who would like to discuss topics related to technology, innovation and digital transformation. Please be aware that we are currently not paying for content, however, if you would like to be interviewed, we would be happy to consider it and it is a great way to gain visibility in an exploding industry.

Podcast Submissions

We are always on the lookout for podcast concepts to add to our growing roster. If you have an interesting concept and are interested in starting a podcast, or have an existing podcast that you think would be a great fit for RobotSpaceship, please get in touch!

Product Reviews

We LOVE doing product reviews, so if you have a related product, book, app or anything else you think we might find interesting, let us know!

Press Releases

Feel free to submit press releases to the contact info below.

Media Partnerships for Events, Expos & Conferences

If you are promoting a tech-related conference, especially in Europe and would like to add it to our event calendar, please get in touch. We love doing media partnerships.

For more info and guidelines regarding the Event Calendar and Media Partnerships, contact us or download our media kit.

Business Opportunities

We are always looking for business opportunities, affiliates or cross-promotional opportunities, so feel free to share.


If you are interested in advertising, please download our media kit for more information or get in touch directly.

Contact us:

Sean Earley – Executive Editor
Email: sean.earley@kemweb.de