We are super excited to announce the launch of the Sustanimal – the new, German language podcast, for all things related to environmentally friendly, organic and carbon-neutral petcare.

Why Sustanimal? We all love our house pets, but the reality is, pet ownership also has a huge impact on issues related to climate and sustainability.

Did you know that in Germany alone, there are over 30 million house pets? They eat meat, use the toilet and their owners purchase pet products that are packed in plastic. Dog owners alone, throw away about 15 million plastic dog waste bags globally, every day!

The goal of this podcast is to provide pet owners with information on a wide variety of topics and issues related to sustainable pet care and pet care products. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness for promoting more environmentally friendly pet ownership practices, in Germany, in Europe and the world.

About This Episode

In the first podcast episode, your hosts Oliver and Christian briefly explain the concept of ​​Sustanimal and how it relates to, well… dog poop.

Christian (Sustanimal co-founder, and product owner of the PooPick) talks with Oli (Sustanimal co-founder and cat owner) about the difficulties of being an environmentally responsible pet owner.

Show Notes:

  • Sustanimal – Online Shop
  • Poo Pick – Plastic free, biodegradable dog waste container.
  • Small Correction: In the podcast they say that a circumnavigation of the earth is 20,000 km, but it is almost 42,000 km. The number of laps is just under 4,000

Sustanimal Online Shop

Be sure to check out the Sustanimal Online shop for all of your environmentally friendly, organic and climate-neutral pet care products.


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