We are very excited to announce the launch of the new English version of the RobotSpaceship Digital Business & Marketing Podcast, offering business, marketing, social media and podcasting advice to help you grow your digital business.

Hosted by RobotSpaceship Podcast Network co-founder, Sean Earley, he discusses all the latest business-related trends and topics of the day.

In Episode #1 we talk about the new podcast format, the RobotSpaceship Podcast network and business partner Kemweb, as well as what to expect moving forward with future episodes.

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Since we are based in Germany, this first bootcamp, will be the German language only series, however, we will also be doing more bootcamps in the future in English, so stay tuned.

For more information, go to robotspaceship.com/bootcamp and if you are interested in taking the German language course, you can register there.

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Full Podcast Transcript:


Welcome to the Robot Spaceship podcast, offering business, marketing, social media and podcasting advice to help you grow your digital business. This podcast is brought to you by the Robot Spaceship Podcast Network. For more info and other great podcasts series, go to Robot Spaceship Dot com and subscribe. And now your host, Sean Hurley. Hey, everybody, my name is Shaun Early, and I want to welcome you to the first episode of the Robot Spaceship Digital Business and marketing podcast, the English language version, I might add.


And if you couldn’t tell by the name, the focus of this podcast is to discuss business, marketing, podcasting, social media trends and topics and all with the goal of helping you to grow your digital businesses. Now we have two robot spaceship podcasts. This one is in English and our other is in German. I’m the host of English version and our co-founder, Dr Alan Rickman is the primary host of the German language version, which was launched a little bit earlier this year.


A little bit about my background. So in addition to being a podcast host, I’ve been a digital consultant for over 20 years even more. I don’t even remember my experiences in digital marketing strategy, user experience and design. I’ve worked on the agency and the client, and I’ve been advising Fortune 500 companies in the automotive sector, mobile gaming, entertainment and publishing, all with the goal of helping my clients to learn how to digitally transform their businesses with new tech strategy, marketing and design, social media, all to basically just gain visibility in the digital space to reach your goals and most importantly, just increase their bottom line.


So I teach people how to get their businesses online, be digital and be successful. I’ve been in tech for a long time and I understand the challenges of building a digital business and successfully promoting your brand and products and services online. I want my clients to not just be relevant now, but also strategically positioned for the future. So we don’t talk just about or I should say I don’t just talk about old school marketing, also talk about new tech.


And I think both are very important. And I’ll get into that in some later episodes. A little bit about Robot Spaceship. Robot Spaceship is a podcast network that I co-founded with my partner in crime, Dr Alan Rickman. So a podcast network, if you’re not familiar with it, is basically like a record label for podcasts. And we’ve been growing like crazy. We have a roster of both English and German language podcasts. They’re run by experts in their field and they cover various tech and business and culture related topics.


Anything we think is relevant, based not only on our business, just what we think in conducting digital business in general, not just business, but things that are relevant and popular and important. And we’ve partnered with our parent company, Kimosabe, which is a full service digital agency located in Germany. They do web design design, graphic design, lots of film production, audio production. We do a lot of workshops and consulting. So naturally combine the two.


It’s a very effective partnership and I think we have a lot of value to provide to our listeners and our clients. So naturally, based on so the huge variety of topics that we discuss with our network of business partners and engage on on basically daily business just by conducting business as we do as usual. It’s very it’s very hard to be quite honest to have just one channel that covers them all and share it all with people who are interested. So that’s why we started the Robotization podcast network, just as a way to sort of niche down these specific topics that we we engage with, we’re interested in, we discuss, we consult.


And that allows them to have more focus for people who want to listen to very different topics. And, you know, we love podcasting. So given the exponential growth and effectiveness that podcasting has been seeing over the past few years, especially in Germany, it’s a very exciting interest to be to be in and in order to be able to share with you all the great effective, um, I’d say, methodologies and ideas and trends that we scoop together in in our sort of collective minds of everybody within the podcast and the business and the network and all the people we know.


It’s very exciting to be able to share that with you. So, as I said. This podcast is a place to discuss business marketing advice. We’ll be talking a lot about podcasting, obviously, as well as anything that comes up is a trend on our daily radar to help our listeners grow their digital business, which is basically our our our that’s our elevator pitch. We want to grow. We want to help you grow your digital business and we’ll be sharing some podcasts.


Will be an hour long, some podcast, be 20 minutes long, maybe some will be five minutes. It basically just depends on what the topic at hand, how quickly we need to get something out and share it, how long we discuss how long the interviews are. So don’t expect a fixed timeline on anything. It’s basically just anything we think is relevant. We’re going to throw it out there and share. Um, and I think given the fact that we’re all basically digital these days and we spend a majority of our days glued to not just the laptop, but our phones all day just conducting some form of digital business, it’s sometimes really hard to think of that.


A lot of this stuff that we discuss isn’t already common knowledge. So surprisingly, the more people we consult, we’re finding that it’s not so things that we know and we assume people know, they don’t always know. And so it’s really, I think, important, at least I feel to have a medium like this podcast to share it with people and also not to feel restricted by any one particular topic. We basically just want to crack it wide open.


I mean, obviously, podcasting is a big focus of what we do, but podcasting covers so many different topics, so many different types of podcasts. So in a way, this is just sort of the high level way to share everything that we know with people. And the thing about what we learn and what we discuss with people is sometimes it’s not just new stuff, but it’s old methodology that can be passed on and applied. Um, and I think the fact that combined with the fact that technology changes so quickly, it’s important to understand that there are no experts.


And let me be very clear here, with digital, they’ll never be any experts in digital business. We’re all adapting and adjusting as we go. So what’s critical to understand is that we we must keep an open dialogue and share what we know, as well as talk to people who know more than we do. I mean, like the old saying goes, if you’re the smartest business person in the room, then you need to go find another room because you need to always keep learning and always be challenged by people who know more than you do.


So we’ll be doing a lot of interviews with a lot of very knowledgeable people.


And adding to this, um, the very obvious situation of the coronavirus lockdown, which has us all basically fast forwarding everyone to having to stay home and conduct some form of digital online business. Some people are adapting quickly and others are struggling.


So in order to be able to you know, I mean, the news just came out this week. Think of this, the fact that the GDP is globally down. I mean, that’s 10 percent here in Germany, which we thought was bad enough, but it’s three percent down. Thirty three percent in the USA. So everybody is struggling right now. Everybody’s business is struggling. So the more advice we can offer to help people improve their businesses and ride out the storm, the better off will be.


So if you do better business, we do better business. So it’s a win win for everyone. And if we can share advice that can help, the better off we’re all going to be. So with that said, I’m going to leave this here and get ready for the next podcast episodes where I take a deeper dive into some more topics. I also have to stir up some good people to interview. I have so many. My brain is just exploding right now, so I’m really excited to get this going and share it with you guys.


That’s why I really hope that if you’re interested, come along with us on this journey and I would encourage you all to subscribe to this podcast on whatever platform you’re listening to it on. Now, we’re on Spotify, Apple, Google, all the major podcast channels. And also be sure to follow us on social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, uh, tick tock, Instagram, definitely. So jump on. Tick tock. I don’t know.


We’ll see where it talks going at this point, but we’re there for now. Um, you can also go to robot spaceship dot com to stay up to date on all the latest news info. And also be sure to check out all the other podcasts we have on the network, because there’s so many different things that people talk about. A lot of great, knowledgeable people there. Um, oh, yeah. Before I go, one important announcement before I leave.


If you are interested in podcasting and learning about how to launch your own podcast for your business, I want to tell you about our upcoming robot spaceship podcast, Bootcamp, which is on August twenty sixth, the twenty eighth and twenty twenty. Unfortunately, if you’re English speaking only, this is a German language only podcast at the moment because a lot of our network is is based here in Germany and we have a lot of German clients who are interested. But the first robot spaceship podcast boot camp in German is going to be an intensive online webinar conference where in three days we’re going to teach you how to go from start to launching.


Your very own business podcast, we got a lot of info to share, it’s going to be very effective and we’re really excited to have people on there and just teach them about podcasting in general. We will have some English language podcasts coming up very soon. This is just the first one we get slapped together. So German speaking people, if you’re interested in starting your own podcast, I’d say jump on that right now. Go to robot spaceship, dotcom boot camp and register and we hope to see you there.


With that said, my name is Sean Earley and this is the robot spaceship business and marketing podcast, I should say, digital business and marketing podcast. And I will see you in the next episode by. If you like this podcast, don’t forget to click the subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest episodes, this podcast has been brought to you by the Robot Spaceship Podcast Network. For more info and other great podcasts series, go to Robot Spaceship Dot com and subscribe.