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Over 500 million stories are uploaded every day to Instagram. As a result, getting the attention of your target audience on the platform has become increasingly challenging, and content creators have to constantly explore new and creative ways to offer personalized content.

So, which tools are they using to stay on the cutting edge?

With the new editor apps for iOS and Android, it has become much easier to personalize your stories and visually differentiate yourself from other content creators.

We tested 5 of the most popular apps, so here is what we discovered, both pros and cons:


The Story Art app has over 500 templates that you can use to create your insta stories. From different design styles, like retro, minimalism and many more, you have a large selection of styles for your insta-story.

Handling story art with the app is easy. Once you’ve picked a template, you can fill it with your images, customize the text and change color elements. Especially interesting are the animations with which images are displayed differently.

In addition to Instagram stories, you can also design uniform highlight covers here.

The Story Art app is available for free on the App Store & Google Play. Only some templates are free, so in order to access all of them, you either need to subscribe or buy them individually.

StoryArt Pro:

  • 1 month: 2,99€
  • 12 months: 10,49 €


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of great templates
  • In addition to templates, there are also highlight covers for Instagram and numerous filters for photos
  • A preview function
  • Multilingual text options ​​(eg Russian, Chinese etc.)


  • The color selection is limited
  • Almost all animations are purchase only


Unlike the other apps, the Mojo app is based purely on animation templates which are not just creative, but real eye-catchers!

Mojo offers different variations of photos and text which can be displayed. From photo spreads, color sequences, to video impressions and much more, the app offers many different options.

The choice of topics are also broad. From news, shop, photography or sports there is a set of templates ready for almost all of your needs.

Once you’ve decided on an animation, there are additional options to make changes. From the music selection, to the layout or the duration of the animation, you can edit them all for your Insta story.

You can download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play. However, you can only tap the full potential of Mojo once you subscribe.


  • 1 month: 9,99 €
  • 12 months: 39,99 €


  • A large selection of animations
  • Especially interesting for businesses
  • Simple and clear presentation
  • Nice features to customize the stories
  • A 3 day free trial


  • Only a few animations are free


Once you’ve created your first project in the Unfold app, you can then create your Instagram story from a selection of over 150 templates. Just tip on a template, and get a short preview with sample images.

In project mode, you can create several Instagram stories in different formats and change the order. In addition, the app also offers camera access with 10 different filters and effects.

Unfold is available for free from the App Store and Google Play. However, you can only access all templates if you subscribe to it or purchase a specific template individually.


  • 1 month: 2,99 €
  • 12 months: 21,49 €


  • Stickers for individual designs
  • Great for storytelling, since you can see and edit several pages side by side


  • Confusing handling of the template selection
  • Templates are named after abbreviations and are only visible by clicking
  • Limited templates available


Canva is a graphic design app that allows you to create not only stories, but also flyers, logos, presentations, and posts for multiple social media channels. From an Instagram post to a  Facebook cover to a YouTube channel, images can be created with Canva preset to the appropriate format.

What is particularly interesting, is that you can use the app on your smartphone or your computer.

Either start with a blank page or use one of the 60,000 free templates created by professional designers. There are also a number of free images that you can use for whatever you need.

While we love the app, if you would like to have access to all the tools and design templates, you will need to subscribe, which is also a bit pricey.


  • 1 month: 11,99 €
  • 12 months: 107,99 €


  • Clear menu
  • Professional and free photos
  • A great alternative for business
  • A wide variety of creative graphics in all topics
  • Lots of features


  • A very large selection of options can be overwhelming
  • As a graphic design app, some features are a bit unnecessary, especially if you just want to do insta-stories.


The Over App allows you to easily create an Insta story in just a few steps.

Instantly at launch, you can choose from different formats that will lead you to a selection of templates. Once you have found one that you like, you can edit it to your liking. Especially interesting are the graphics, shapes and videos that you can include.

In addition, the app even offers tutorials on storytelling, image editing and handling of over.

Another plus is the “Over Team”, which allows up to 30 employees to have access to an account in order to, among other things, organize projects and plan postings. Especially for a business profile in which several people work in the social media team, this is a huge advantage.

Over is available on the App Store and Google Play. To be able to use the app without restrictions, you can receive an upgrade for a fee.


  • 1 month: 11,99 €
  • 12 months: 77,99 €


  • Over Team is great for business profiles
  • In-app tutorials
  • Many templates in different formats
  • Easy to use to customize pictures and text
  • Contains templates for very specific topics (Wedding, Pregnancy Announcement, Babies & Kids, LGBTQIA, etc.)


  • Many of the templates can only be used by subscription


With such a huge selection of creative editor apps hitting the market, it is becoming much easier for creators to use them to redesign their Instagram stories. Several of the apps also support additional platforms beyond just Instagram. Which editor app you should decide on, however, ultimately depends on your individual goals and strategies.

Creating high-quality and professional-looking Instagram stories can take a lot of time and requires a certain amount of know-how to keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

About the Author:

Kemweb is a full-service digital agency located in Mainz, Germany that provides marketing, consulting, social media video production and design services.