In a digital agency, stress is part of our everyday life, but how do you find peace and relaxation?

Initially very skeptical, our podcast host and CEO, Oliver Kemmann, downloaded the German meditation app Balloon as a trial. He is now a huge fan of the app and meditation.

But who is behind the concept and the soothing voice that he constantly hears on his the app?

In the 30th episode of Das Digital Sofa podcast, (German Language) we finally solve the puzzle when Dr. Boris Bornemann from Balloon invited us to talk on the sofa. Together with G + J Innovation GmbH, he developed the concept and the app that makes meditation easier for everyone.

“Just being is lost in our purpose-driven society,” he says, and we too have to realize that most of our actions are carried out with a specific intention. We hardly treat ourselves to the luxury of simply being.

Meditating has become a trend and there are already many apps for it. But what sets Balloon apart from the many others? It is the view from a scientific point of view, because Boris Bornemann spent seven years researching meditation and the associated change in body awareness and doing a doctorate on this topic at the Max Planck Institute.

Oli and Boris talk about the origin of meditation, studies and experience reports from retreats, body scans, metta, mindfulness meditation, cloud pushing and much more.

Of course, there is also talk about the digital aspect. How Balloon started as a startup, developed technically and how Boris uses the possibilities of an app to bring meditation closer to people, you can find out here in the new episode of Das Digitale Sofa.

Are you looking for a new way to relieve stress? Then be sure to listen!

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