Maren and Matthias Wagener run their A2A digital agency “VAST Forward” from a sailing ship in the Mediterranean. Of course, that fits perfectly with the motto #digitalcrew – digital education, of this year’s Mainz Digital Congress (# MADKON19) in Mainz Germany.

The episode of Das Digitale Sofa (German Language) is on stage in front of a live audience at the beautiful Forster Hall of the Mainz Castle, and our host, Oliver Kemmann, talks to Maren and Matthias Wagener about their own personal development as well as their concept for internal training.

So, how does one run a digital company from a sailboat?

One thing is clear: the essential things you need as a digital agency at sea include WiFi, Skype and the trust of your employees. In addition, the two have developed their own process of internal training and further education, which allows their “ladies” to develop themselves as complete career changers into effective project managers. Of course, it is also clear that there must be virtual coffee gossip and yoga classes.

In the 29th episode, Maren and Matthias talk about the challenges in a virtual team, why they only hire women, and about the advantages for them and their crew of project managers. They also talk about team spirit, work in different time zones and why they are not looking for employees, but rather find Vast Forward as an employer.

Curious? Then be sure to listen!

NOTE: This time the whole thing took place in front of a live audience in a large hall, so we ask for your understanding with the sound quality.

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