In today’s episode of the RobotSpaceship Podcast, Christoph Kemmann and Sean Earley talk with Matthias Rosa and Lukas Bootz who offer some legal advice and tips about Internet Cookies and DSGVO European Data Protection laws and requirements.

Data privacy laws are a huge deal in Germany, and are constantly changing, so if you are a German business or are considering doing digital / online business in the EU, this is definitely a must-hear podcast!

About Our Guests:

Matthias Rosa is a lawyer who specializes in IT and data protection at Resmedia in Mainz, Germany. He is also the CEO of RMPrivacy UG

Lukas Bootz is junior lawyer at the district court of Frankenthal. He has worked for the data protection officer of Rhineland-Palatine (DPO) as a junior lawyer. Additionally he does freelance work for RESMEDIA and freelance-teaching for the DPO in the field of data privacy. 

Show Notes:

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