In Episode #5 of the RobotSpaceship Podcast (English Version) your host Sean Earley discusses some interesting and encouraging statistics that were recently released by the Westwood One Podcast Network about podcast advertising.

There has been a lot of discussions this year about a decline in podcasting ad revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, what we have learned, this is changing for the better.

A few questions we cover:

  • Is podcast revenue down due to the pandemic?
  • What is the largest growing podcast demographic?
  • What are the top podcasting platform and what could be changing in the next year?
  • Who is and will be running podcast ads this year?

Tune in to today’s episode to find out these answers and more!

Show Notes

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Full Podcast Transcript


Hey, everybody, this is Sean from Robot Spaceship, and in today’s episode, I want to talk about some very encouraging statistics I’ve discovered about podcast advertising. So with that said, I’ll see you in the episode. Today’s podcast is brought to you by the new Robot Spaceship Studios, offering professional podcast production, design, consulting and promotional services to help you start your very own podcast. For more information, go to robot spaceship dot com studios.


T minus five, four, three, two, one. Welcome to the Robot Spaceship podcast, offering business, marketing, social media and podcasting advice to help you grow your digital business. This podcast is brought to you by the Robot Spaceship Podcast Network. For more info and other great podcast series, go to Robot Spaceship Dot com and subscribe. And now your host, Sean Hurley. Everybody is just an early and welcome to this episode of the Robot Spaceship podcast today, I want it’s kind of a short episode today, but I wanted to go over some very interesting statistics I have discovered about podcast advertising based on twenty twenty results.


It’s kind of hard to find podcast statistics that are up to date. A lot of them are a couple of years old. So these are kind of encouraging actually, especially if you’re considering either advertising your business on a podcast or if you have a podcast that you’re interested in starting to run advertisement on it.


This these statistics are based on a report I got from another podcast network, a pretty big one in the states called Westwood One Podcast Network, and they did a fall annual report for twenty twenty and some pretty encouraging stuff in it. Now, obviously, this is a annual report from a podcast network that’s talking about the benefits of podcast advertising. So, um, you know, I guess you could take some of it with a grain of salt. But for the most part, it all seems pretty factual because I think they have some pretty big numbers that they can crunch.


So I’m sure a lot of it is is pretty relevant and pretty believable.


So first one, which is very good news, is that, you know, during the coronavirus pandemic, we were sort of concerned because there was a drop in sort of global ad revenue ad spend. And so a lot of people were worried because even podcasting, obviously, you know, which is based on ad spend, was down. So a lot of people were under the assumption that just podcasting in general was was declining for this year because of the Corona situation.


And based on this report, they said their you know, their their listenership hasn’t changed at all. In fact, they said it was increasing a little bit. So that’s encouraging people. Even though you’re not out driving around in your car listening to podcasts on your phone, you’re still at home. People are still listening to podcasts. So podcasts listenership is basically been the same this year and it’s weathered through the pandemic, which is good news, especially if you run a podcast.


People are still tuning in. The second. And probably one of the biggest things we learned in this report is that between now and 2017, the largest growing podcast user base has been women between the age of 18 and 30. For primarily, the statistics have always been higher for male listenership. But it seems that a lot more women, especially in the age of 18 to 34, are starting to tune into podcasts. So I think, you know, especially if you are looking to start a woman’s podcast, if you are a woman and looking to start a podcast based on women’s topics, there’s probably a good sign that there’s a lot of upward growth in this.


You know, women get out there, start podcasting second or I would say third.


Interesting thing that I learned is that while I didn’t know, I knew this before, but YouTube has been the number one podcast platform out there. So there’s a 38 percent listenership of all podcasts or YouTube. I think it’s just got a lot of people like to tune in to video, too. I personally don’t listen to podcasts on YouTube, but a lot of people do just because a lot of people record their podcasts with video and so people like to see who they’re talking with.


So YouTube has been a thirty eight percent listenership.


Apple podcast has been a thirty five percent listenership. Spotify has been a thirty three percent listenership. Second interesting part about this is that Spotify has been increasing over the past couple of years as Apple listenership has maintained the same. So Spotify could, based on the trajectory, there could be more Spotify listeners, could be Spotify could be in in place to buy next year, I would say. So it could be that Spotify could be the number two top platform for podcast listenership.


I know I listen to most of my podcasts on Spotify, even though it’s not the the ideal user experience, but I think they’ll be working on that. And it could be interesting to see how that plays out. But still, I think, you know, for for video and audio, it’s obviously YouTube. But I think Apple and Spotify are almost head to head at this point. Apple has a little bit of a lead.


Let’s see number four, which is also very interesting for advertising. It says here that thirty four percent of the agencies and brands that they have interviewed already do podcast advertising. They’ve already been doing it. Thirty seven percent will be running ads within the next month. And forty six percent of people are considering running podcast ads in the next six months. So those are some pretty big numbers. Thirty four percent of all agencies and brands are using podcast’s right now.


Thirty seven percent are already going to be running ads within six months. And forty six percent of people are thinking about ads in the next six months. Forty six percent of brands and agencies have that on their radar to do ads in the next six months.


So if you are looking to grow some some podcast advertising clients, then brands and agencies for who work for brands are good to target for podcast advertising. And one of the reasons is also number five here. These are some pretty big numbers. I mean, I knew they’re high, but this is big numbers.


So four out of five listeners have taken action when hearing a podcast advertisement. Four out of five listeners, that means 80 percent of your listenership is considering or 80 percent, 80 percent of your listenership listens to an ad on a podcast and takes action. So it doesn’t matter whether they buy something or whether they just go and they check out what you’re talking about.


But 80 percent call to action some sort of of action is huge.


So I haven’t heard that on any other media at all. So that’s that’s pretty incredible in terms of getting results for your ads based on your targeted listenership.


And in in addition to this, I’d say get to number six, which is a final point here. Is that out of the out of all the people who are interviewed, 50 percent of the listeners prefer to listen to the podcast hosts voice to do the advertisement versus a branded recorded ad.


So 50 percent people are open and willing to accept the podcasters host their voice to do the ad.


So that’s pretty critical. If you run a podcast yourself, instead of considering just taking some recorded advertisement that that an advertiser sends you, consider just doing the advertisement yourself because there’s a lot more trust factor, I guess, with people who listen to you and your voice for for promoting products and services. So, you know, it’s it goes back to the credibility factor as well.


So, you know, you don’t want to be promoting stuff that you don’t have any, like, personal belief or don’t support yourself. But, you know, if our products and services that you personally support and feel good about promoting, then doing the ad yourself is, you know, a lot more beneficial.


So those are those are some basic statistics. Again, this is a short podcast. I’ll I’ll leave a link to the this report in the show notes. There’s a lot of data to dig through, a lot of percentages and things, but it’s pretty interesting to read through. And it just kind of goes to show that podcasting is a very effective, very powerful medium for promoting brands and services and promoting products and doing advertising for your brands and products. So if you’re looking to advertise, now’s a good time to get in.


If you’re looking to start running podcast ads on your own podcast, now is a great time to start taking people on. And these this is some great data that you can share with your potential advertisers to hopefully encourage them to get involved. So with that said, I’m Sean Early.


This has been the robot spaceship podcast. And I also want to encourage everybody to don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast on all the platforms you’re listening to.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s YouTube or Spotify or Apple podcast, whatever you’re listening to, please subscribe the Apple podcast. Definitely, if at all possible, leave us a review. Five stars would be great. But, you know, be honest and let us know what you think about the podcast. Our reviews help and push us up and get us out there and get us heard. We’re also on social media, so follow us on all the channels. And you know, you can always tune in to our website at Robot Spaceship dot com and check out this podcast along with the all the other great podcasts on our network.


We have both English and German language podcast. So if you are German speaking or live in Germany or some of the German speaking countries, then you may find some interesting things there as well.


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