Now that we have had a bit of time to analyze all the new tech announced at CES 2020 this year, a few things stood out that we feel are the most relevant from a transformational trend perspective. While CES always announces new consumer gadgets, some more than others hint at new ways in which consumers adapt their use of technology.

One piece of news is the new Sero TV by Samsung, which features a rotating vertical view option that acts as a mobile second screen, allowing the user to browse social media content.

Vertical is the New Landscape

What is most interesting about this feature is that it seems to be adding to the recent popularity of the newer vertical social video format which appears on apps like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram stories.

According to Samsung:

“The Sero’s display orientation technology connects seamlessly with users’ mobile devices to smoothly and naturally display content in traditional horizontal formats, as well as vertical formats designed for mobile consumption. Consumers can expect to enjoy a variety of content – including social media, YouTube and other personal videos – in whatever display orientation mirrors their mobile device.”

Sero (which means “vertical” in Korean) launched last year in Korea but will be rolling out to western markets in 2020. No news yet as to when or a price, but in Korea, they have been selling for $1600.

Vertical Video and Social Entertainment

This new move by Samsung to address vertical video is a curious trend, which we will continue to watch. It poses some interesting questions, primarily:

  • Do you use second screen features combining your mobile device and your TV? If so, how and which features?
  • Do you consume enough vertical video that you would consider purchasing a special TV just for this feature?

Leave us a comment below and let us know. We would love to hear your feedback.

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(Image above courtesy of Samsung Electronics)