Unleash the power of AI: exclusive training for decision-makers

Learn to master AI before it masters you! We'll show you how to use popular AI tools to flip your company on its head, improve your business strategy and take your management to the next level. Into orbit with AI! 

Because this is an exclusive training for decision-makers, there are a few prerequisites for participation: You are in charge of a company, one or more teams, you are a founder or member of the management board; it is of vital value for you to deal with the effects and - above all - the possibilities of AI; if like so many, you still have a few questions in mind when it comes to these new technologies - then you've come to the right place!

Why do we pay particular attention to who is present? Quite simply because it's also about discussing on an equal footing and exchanging ideas in depth.

Register here by 14 June 2024 and be one of 20 exclusive participants who we will fuel with new knowledge for a day. We'll help you ignite your AI booster.

AI Booster

Why this course?

For many, the release of ChatGPT was a black swan. Hardly anyone really foresaw how quickly this technology would change the business world. And even now, many companies are still left blank, not knowing how to navigate an ever-accelerating AI world. 

We are giving you and 19 other exclusive participants the opportunity to spend a day fuelling yourselves with fresh practical knowledge about AI, asking questions in a closed room - and then going back to everyday life with lots of new tools at the end. That's our robotspaceship promise. 

What can you expect?

  • Discover AI

    Discover with us in a closed room exclusively with 19 other participants how AI is changing our working world

  • Increase Performance

    We'll demystify how it works and guide you on how to use it to boost your company's performance

  • Practical AI examples

    We'll show you real-world examples of how AI can add value to your organisation

  • Exploring the impact of AI

    Beyond the core of AI, we explain its broader impact: How it is redefining organisational development and empowering employees without causing job losses. 

  • Digital Skills

    robotspaceship "AI for Executives" is tailored to combine your team's expertise with cutting-edge digital skills. 

Your trainer team

Oliver Kemmann

CEO, Strategic Consultant & Systemic Coach

Lars Michaelis

Managing Director & Chief Visionary Officer

Judith Kemmann

Systemic coach & organisational developer

Next date: 14 June 2024

The sessions take place in the Executive Suite of the robotspaceship headquarters. We offer breakout sessions and workshops there. Catering is of course included. We create a space in which you can open up to new technologies and their possibilities. 

AI for Executives

2.995,-€ Early-Bird-Price until April 31st (normal price 3.495,- €)

  • Full-day training in Mainz incl. catering
  • 3 subsequent consulting sessions (1 hour/month) worth € 1,500

Book your exclusive place today!

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