A client posed a question in a recent workshop asking if she could use ChatGPT to help with the production notes and episode structure for her upcoming podcast concept.

For today’s installment of AskChatGPT, we decided to test out the concept for a fictional podcast about this very topic:

Here is the first prompt: “How can ChatGPT help me in developing production notes for my podcast?”

Here’s what it had to say:

As an advanced language model, ChatGPT can assist in numerous ways to help you develop production notes for your podcast. Here are some ways you can utilize it:

  • Topic Generation: ChatGPT can help brainstorm potential podcast topics or themes based on your input. It could generate ideas in areas of your interest, or help in expanding your existing concepts.
  • Episode Structure: It can assist you in developing an outline for each episode, including introduction, main points, guest introduction (if applicable), questions for guests, closing remarks, etc.
  • Script Writing: ChatGPT can aid in script development for various podcast segments. You can share your initial thoughts, and it can expand on them to create a detailed script.
  • Research: It can provide quick summaries or briefs on specific topics that you want to cover in your podcast.
  • Question Generation: If you have guests on your show, it can help generate interesting and engaging questions.
  • Advertisement and Sponsor Message Scripts: If you have sponsors, ChatGPT can help you write compelling ad scripts to showcase your sponsors' products or services.
  • Show Notes: ChatGPT can also help you create detailed show notes for your listeners, including a brief description of the episode, timestamps for key topics, and links to resources mentioned in the episode.
  • Social Media Posts: It can draft promotional content for social media to get the word out about your podcast.

Remember, while ChatGPT is a valuable tool, it's always essential to review and edit the content it generates to ensure it aligns with your podcast's tone, style, and message.


Here is the second prompt: “If you were to create a podcast about this topic, what could be the structure for this particular episode?”

Here’s what it had to say:

Absolutely, let's structure an episode on the topic "How AI like ChatGPT Can Assist in Podcast Production". Here's a possible structure:

Introduction and Podcast Name ID: (0:00 - 3:00)

  • Welcome and brief introduction.
  • Podcast Name ID: "Welcome to [Your Podcast Name], the place where [describe your unique selling point]."
  • Overview of today's topic: Discussing how AI (specifically ChatGPT) can assist in podcast production.
  • Why this topic is relevant for listeners: Briefly mention the increasing importance of AI in content creation and production.
  • Call to Action: "If you enjoy our show, make sure to subscribe and follow us wherever you get your podcasts."

Understanding AI and ChatGPT: (3:00 - 8:00)

  • Brief explanation of what AI is, focusing on natural language processing and generation.
  • Introduction to ChatGPT: its capabilities and limitations.

Deep Dive into ChatGPT's Role in Podcast Production: (8:00 - 18:00)

  • Topic Generation: Explanation and examples.
  • Episode Structure: Explanation and examples.
  • Script Writing: Explanation and examples.
  • Research: Explanation and examples.

Advertisement: (18:00 - 20:00)

  • Introduction to sponsor and their product/service with a compelling call-to-action.

Continuation of ChatGPT's Role in Podcast Production: (20:00 - 30:00)

  • Question Generation: Explanation and examples.
  • Advertisement and Sponsor Message Scripts: Explanation and examples.
  • Show Notes: Explanation and examples.
  • Social Media Posts: Explanation and examples.

Practical Experience and Testimonials: (30:00 - 40:00)

  • Share some real-life examples or testimonials of podcast producers who have successfully utilized AI in their production process.

Future of AI in Podcast Production: (40:00 - 45:00)

  • Discuss potential future advancements and challenges of AI in podcast production.

Conclusion and Podcast Name ID: (45:00 - 50:00)

  • Summarize the key points of the discussion.
  • Podcast Name ID: "You've been listening to [Your Podcast Name]."
  • Encourage listeners to explore using AI in their podcast production.
  • Reminder to check show notes for resources and additional information.
  • Call to Action: "Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on [your podcast's social media platforms]."

Please replace "[Your Podcast Name]" with your actual podcast name, and "[describe your unique selling point]" with a quick description of what makes your podcast special or interesting.


As you can see, some of the information in the first part is somewhat is generic, but if you are new to the topic of podcast production, this could be very useful in helping you organize the process and know how to take a deeper dive and next steps.

The second promt was much more useful, especially if you are struggling for ideas. Knowing how to plan and structure an episode into a manageable flow, time stamping, as well as reminders for brand ID and social follow requests are incredibly helpful.

Overall, we would say, ChatGPT did a great job!


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