• Jason M. Schmitt
  • 05.07.2023

Midjourney 5.2 – Little Changes, Big Impacts?

The AI battle between Midjourney and Adobe has ignited and delights consumers with new innovative tools almost every month. Can the new Midjourney 5.2 now claim the crown for itself?

If you want to generate realistic AI images, you can't ignore Midjourney which launched last year. The Pope in a stylish Moncler jacket or Trump in a fistfight with the police, both were so realistically forged with the program that many believed the images were real.

If you want your living room in the Van Gogh style, you can upload a picture and get a finished result in about a minute. Any well-known artist can be imitated by Midjourney, so if you want it, you can have an AI Da Vinci or even create sketches of the Muppets.

Since Adobe threatened Midjourney's dominance with its own AI for Photoshop and it's "Firefly" program, their developers have been working tirelessly on new innovations, such as the recently released Midjourney 5.2.

Midjourney 5.2 expands your canvas!

Sometimes you are presented with images that you would like to expand. With a simple click, you can now zoom out from the image and have the AI create a realistic environment surrounding the original.

Let's say you create a knight on his horse. Now you can zoom out to see the entire battlefield. From there, you can zoom out to a mountain where archers are taking their positions. You zoom out again and see Doctor Who stepping out of his time machine. What sounds good in theory is still being met with a lot of trial and error. Therefore, we opted for a simpler version, as is the case with our simple image example.

This process can be repeated endlessly and executed either in a slight form (1.5x) or a strong form (2x). These images can then be merged in editing programs to seamlessly transition between them, creating a cinematic effect.

This feature is particularly useful for depicting multiple characters at the same time. If you enter "Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg fighting in a ring," the AI often generates only one of the two individuals or merges them together. No one wants to see that mix, so you can bypass it with a zoom. By using this function, you can specify each time what else should be seen in the expanded image. Here, you can mention Mark Zuckerberg, and he will be depicted.

What else changes with Midjourney 5.2?

The biggest problem with Midjourney has always been the limited user influence on the results. Sure, you could give an instruction, but the program itself determined how exactly this was implemented. With the parameter "--stylize" or "--s," you can now determine the artistic freedom of the AI on a scale of 0-1000.

At the zero value, Midjourney robotically follows the instructions, and at a value of 100 (which is the default), you get the typical creative results you're accustomed to. Beyond that, the AI starts to take on a life of its own.

According to the developers, Midjourney now pays more attention to "--style" instructions. So, if you specify "Raw" as the style, you'll only get realistic images, like those of the streetwear pope, but seemingly better.

Furthermore, Midjourney 5.2 now offers more post-editing options. If there are certain details in the image that you don't like, depending on the extent of the changes you want, you can select either "Vary (Subtle)" or "Vary (Strong)." With both options, you can also modify the instruction for the image.

If your Indiana Jones doesn't have a whip in hand, press "Vary (Subtle)" and add it to the instruction. If he's also missing his leather jacket and hat, then you'll have to resort to strong changes.

Similar to the "Vary" options, there is now also a "Remaster" button, which blends an image with various different styles. Indiana Jones can be depicted as a cartoon, a fairy, a Van Gogh painting, and a robot.

Even with all these improvements, there are still moments of frustration in front of the computer, where you give new instructions because the desired image doesn't come out as wanted. However, the duration of this torture is now significantly shorter on average, compared to before. Midjourney cannot claim the crown just yet, especially considering that Adobe is also working on all these features.

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