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Meta Quest 3

If you are looking to get started in mixed reality, the Meta Quest 3 is hands down, the best headset currently on the market. With an enhanced field of view, a 40% slimmer visor than previous devices and a new Snapdragon chipset, the Meta Quest 3, uses breakthrough XR technology to provide new immersive experiences. From busting ghosts in your living room, to dancing in a VR Zumba studio or getting a courtside view of NBA games, there's lots to explore on Quest 3.

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Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

The Ray-Ban Smart Glasses (in partnership with Meta) combine cameras, speakers and augmented reality technology into a wearable device that allows hands-free access to the internet, allowing users to access the internet using voice control allows them to view and listen to up-to-date information on the spot without interrupting their work.

It features an ultra-wide 12-megapixel camera in the outer corner of each lenses that produces bold images and videos. The cameras record 1080p videos of up to 60 seconds, which you can share with your Instagram and Facebook contacts using AI, voice commands and a quick voice command.

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AI Expedition

2023 was the year of Generative AI, and while it is all the buzz, most businesses and organizations are still struggling to develop a solid AI strategy.

This year, why not give your company the gift of knowledge and schedule an AI Expedition? In this one-day workshop format, our AI Consultants will explain the current state of AI for corporate communications, introduce you to the crucial tools, explain key concepts and get your company up to speed.

Next year is guaranteed to be another big year for AI, so why not strategically position your company for 2024 and the future?

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Artiphon Orba 2

For those music lovers in the family, the Orba 2 is a handheld synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller that looks like a hockey puck and is designed for intuitive and immediate music creation.

With the Orba 2 app, you can sample and record any sound from the real world and transform it into a playable musical instrument.

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RØDECaster Duo

Make 2024 the year you finally start that podcast! The RØDECaster Duo is the ultimate compact audio solution for podcasters and content creators. Combining revolutionary features with superior sound quality, endless customisability and unmatched ease of use, the RØDECaster Duo is all you will ever need to record incredible audio for your content.

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And if you still don't know what you need for your podcast - we'll help you find out how you can get started in this area: 

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Unitree Go 2 Robot Dog

It wouldn’t be the future without robots! The Unitree Go 2 claims to be the world’s first bionic companion robot. It’s just like a real dog that doesn’t chew up the sofa!

This innovative, quadruped robot merges state-of-the-art technology with a dynamic and streamlined form, ushering in a new era of robotic innovation. With a front facing camera, remote control and built in 4D LIDAR, this Four-Legged RoboWalker boasts precision sensors and advanced AI capabilities, enabling smooth navigation and adept obstacle avoidance in its surroundings. Its sophisticated joint mechanics afford unparalleled agility and flexibility, ensuring smooth adaptation to varied terrain types.

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Boston Dynamics Spot

If you want to take your robot dog to the next level (and you have about $100k to spend) Boston Dynamics, the makers of the well-known Spot robot, offers the opportunity for businesses to order customized solutions for research labs, factory floors, construction sites and other interesting scenarios.

Boston dynamics recently created a robot tour guide integrated with ChatGPT to use as a tour guide proof of concept. Creepy cool!



Wrapping up this year's tech gift guide, we've showcased a selection of this year's standout gadgets that promise to both excite and elevate your daily experience with a touch of innovation.

As the year draws to a close, these gifts are not just about the excitement they bring but also the possibilities they unlock for the year ahead. Have a happy holiday, a wonderful new year and we’ll see you in the future!


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