• Bastian Hosan
  • 14.04.2023

These AI tools will take you all the way to the top

Working days can be long, we know that. But the longer they are, the more you can discover. And believe us, the web is full of things that want to be found by you. These AI tools will take you to a whole new level at work.


There are so many tools out there that help us do the work of hours in seconds. But who can try them all? We'll help you out with our TOP 6 of the week.

All you need is a little curiosity and the will to try things out. We'll introduce you to a few online tools that will help you work more efficiently.

Today, every company collects data. But it often takes a lot of effort to filter out the most important information from it. If you want to get the most out of your company's data, this website is the right tool for you. With Usechannel, you can simply ask questions and the machine will find the answer from your data. The whole thing couldn't be easier!

How can AI tools change the way we work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is, simply explained, the attempt to make computers think like humans. An AI no longer has to be reprogrammed for every purpose; it adapts to its environment and tasks and searches for solutions on its own. So far, however, the technology is not yet ready. And experts are not sure that it ever will be. Today's AIs are mostly lifting a use case.

Nevertheless, there has been a real boom in new AI tools in recent months. They help us work more productively because they take things off our hands and do them in seconds that take humans much, much time. Probably the most prominent AI is ChatGPT. Within just a few weeks, the program has managed to send entire industries into a tizzy - it manages to write legible texts within minutes that would take humans hours. And: This is only the beginning of the AI revolution.

You want to dub a video, but you don't have a studio or a voice actor at hand? Easy! is your digital studio that lets you easily turn written text into sound. You can give the text any voice, even that of prominent persons - voice cloning made easy! Of course, the whole thing doesn't quite sound like a real person yet, but it will.

Here you'll find an AI-powered photo studio where you can quickly create pictures of people who don't exist. You can make any person look the way you want. Clothes, hair, eye color and even age can be set individually.

"I want to build a story where the main character looks like Angela Merkel." Enter this prompt at and the machine is on it, building you a story composed of several AI-generated images and the appropriate music. Of course it makes sense to give it a few more stage directions to make your AI-generated story come alive. Then select the style in which you want the whole thing to appear - and your AI-generated story is ready.

Excel is used by about 1.1 billion people all over the world. Very few of them know how powerful this tool really is. Only a fraction of the users can really create formulas that are really powerful. With the FormulaGenerator web app you can now easily turn text into Excel formulas and save yourself time and nerves. For example, you can tell the app to add up the data in a column - and it does it. Or you can simply let the program explain to you how Excel works. Either way, it's a real game changer.

Video production can be really stressful, but for many marketers:in today it's just daily bread. End of discussion. With Fliki, you can quickly turn your scripts or blog posts into a video from stock photos in just a few minutes. The whole thing even sounds as if a real person had recorded it.




It's clear that AI tools can't yet do your work for you completely. And above all, they won't do your thinking for you. You have to know what you want from them. But the programs are already taking away the part of the work that really costs a lot of time. The fiddling and tinkering until the video is finished, the trial and error until you have the right formula, or the intensive work with your data - everything just goes a little faster. Our conclusion: It is already worthwhile to get involved with the programs. Because it is certain that they will only get better with time. And then you will already be prepared.

Bastian Hosen is a business journalist and content consultant. He was trained at the German School of Journalism. Before starting his own business, he worked at Business Punk and Capital.

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