• Bastian Hosan
  • 23.03.2023

ChatGPT Rocks, But These AI's Also Kick It!

Artificial intelligence is just about to thoroughly turn our jobs upside down. At robotspaceship, we are convinced that we have to move with the times. Don't fight against it, but take advantage of the blessings that this new technology offers!

Most people will have heard of ChatGPT in all its variants by now. A bombastic tool that appeared quasi overnight and showed us what the future of writing could look like. We also know that ChatGPT is nowhere near ready to compete with authors. It's just that we're seeing how fast technology is changing. We see how fast it is advancing and if you don't keep up, you're likely to fall by the wayside.  


ChatGPT is also, by no means, the only program making a splash on the web right now. A whole bouquet of artificial intelligence platforms that help you to work faster and more efficiently. Here is a list that we have compiled of the most important ones:  

With this AI, you can build standardized websites in 30 seconds. All you have to do is enter your name and industry. The tool will do the rest for you. Sure, the whole thing still looks a bit rudimentary. But as with ChatGPT, the same applies here: We're getting there!  

Presentations. How many people have despaired over them? Not anymore, because with you can now let an AI create your presentations. It does, in seconds, what you usually need hours for. It's best not to tell anyone, because then you can now enjoy a lot of free time!  

Code - written as fast as you can think. This AI helps you to code faster than the speed limit! You can easily rewrite your questions into code, you can let the AI finish writing your code, and you can get inspired by more than 100 million already uploaded pieces of code. You're welcome!

This thing is still in beta, but probably not for long. Because also builds slides for you - and packs the whole story around it! Just make an input and off you go: "Write a story about XYZ". The AI is already at work. It even provides you with different layout options. It doesn't get any faster!  



You want to generate a video? You need a photo, an image or a graphic? You want to enlarge a picture to a certain size? You want to redesign a photo? Remove distracting elements from photos? Or from videos? You want to... well, just see for yourself what RunwayML can do! 

This helps you design books, create wallpapers, create posters, create a new company logo, craft stock images or create illustrations and art in seconds. Don't believe it? Just try it yourself.  



Art invites you to experiment and play. That's why it's especially nice to use AI to create images. Nightcafe gives you a lot of possibilities. You can create pictures by entering text, or you can change the style of already existing pictures. Whether this is art or not is debatable - but if you have to fill a website quickly, you have other things to worry about anyway, don't you?     


nvidia Canvas AI: 

No one has ever painted a landscape that fast, you can be sure of that! With this tool you can make all the beautiful landscapes you have in your mind's eye come true in seconds. It's worth trying it out.  


this person does not exist: 

Sometimes you just need pictures. But where to get them, if you don't have the money for more expensive photos. The answer is: here! This AI simply generates pictures of people who, as the name suggests, do not exist. 

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