• Bastian Hosan
  • 28.10.2023

What will the metaverse of the future look like, Stephan Bauer?

The metaverse is forming right before our eyes. Still, many don't really know what it might look like. Stephan Bauer from Microsoft, one of our speakers at the SpaceWalk Talks, has an idea.

Right now, things are a bit quieter around the metaverse. AI dominates the debate. So, this is exactly the right time to deal with this technology – without all the hype! That's what we'll do at our SpaceWalk Talks on November 7 in Mainz, together with Stephan Bauer, Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft. Here's what he says about his panel: 


You are one of our speakers at the SpaceWalk Talks. What can guests look forward to from you?

In my talk, I'll discuss the paradigm shift we are currently experiencing. I'm excited to first take the guests on a journey through time and then into the future. Because we are again experiencing a new paradigm being formed. What do I mean by that? When we look at the history of digitalization, we see real changes every 10 to 20 years…

… can you be more specific here, please?

Sure. Let's start with computers. Initially, we had huge data centers, now everyone has one at home. Then the internet. Then mobile and cloud. The next paradigm will be the metaverse.

Is this a consecutive development?

In many areas, yes! It can certainly be said that these paradigms build on each other. We cannot think of the metaverse without preceding technologies – but of course, we can derive ideas for the new from the preceding.

Please extrapolate, what will the metaverse of the future look like?

We see three strands: A Consumer Metaverse, an Industrial Metaverse, and an Enterprise Metaverse. Of course, it must be said that these metaverses will also overlap – but still, they can be differentiated.

What might individual parts of this metaverse look like?

Let's look at the Consumer Metaverse. Here we see automakers who are currently incorporating mixed reality into their driving experience. Driving in the analog and simultaneously in the digital world. That's really crazy.

Can you give more examples?

We can use it in the wellbeing area, for example, to cure phobias.


Or in the fashion industry. Hilfiger already has a store in Berlin that dresses you in clothes using augmented reality filters. These are all precursors of technologies that we will use in the future.

How will this continue?

We are currently experiencing that technologies are becoming increasingly intertwined. The metaverse and artificial intelligence go hand in hand – that's why we need to learn now how we will work and deal with them in the future.

Who is Stephan Bauer?

Stephan Bauer is a Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft in Munich. He is an expert on topics around immersive technologies – especially the metaverse. He will explain to you how this new space is currently evolving.



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