• Bastian Hosan
  • 04.10.2023

Why are corporate communities important for the future, Claudia Feiner?

Claudia Feiner, one of the speakers at our upcoming future conference, offers insight into why community-building is crucial for making companies future-proof. 

If you're currently watching the news, you can quickly get the feeling that things are really shaking up everywhere. On one side, many people fear that artificial intelligence could take their jobs. On the other side, the economy doesn't seem to be running as it used to. We at RobotSpaceship say: This is exactly the right time to deal with the future. Our future conference, SpaceWalk Talks, is the place where you can learn everything in one day to get you ready for the coming years. Claudia Feiner, Senior Manager Strategy at diconium, is one of our top speakers. She will explain why internal communities will take companies into the future. This is what she says about her panel:

The Future

robotspaceship: What do community-building and Star Wars have in common? Claudia Feiner: Many movies, like the first Star Wars film from 1977, follow the concept of the classic hero's journey. Employees often experience this when they organize themselves in communities.

What can our guests learn from you? There are many hurdles in community-building. For example, some companies don't see the need for employees to organize. If there's no perceived need, there might be a lack of interest and support. This means you're always tearing down mental and bureaucratic barriers.

Which hurdles are these? Simple things like how to reach potential members. If everyone has access to the intranet, it's easy. But it gets complicated if there are multiple production sites, for example.

Why Star Wars? (laughs) Probably because I'm a bit of a nerd and Star Wars is super famous. The movies show that you don't just need a superhero to win—you need a team, a whole movement.

Why do companies benefit from employee communities? Digital tools can bring people together and create value for the company. Employees who engage are motivated and have good ideas. They're often more loyal and work better in teams. Seth Goddin once said: "smart organizations assemble the tribe."

Who is Claudia Feiner?

Claudia Feiner is an ambassador, speaker, and author for diversity and inclusion. In 2021 she wahs listed in the W&V-Rankings: "The 100 Brains of 2021". In the same year she was listed on as "40 over 40 - German's Most Inspirational Women of 2022." The Proud at Work Foundation includes her in their list of leading LGBT+ voices. Previously she worked at Porsche on E-Sports, Gaming, the metaverse and NFT topics. Since the summer of 2023 Claudia works as Senior Managerin atdiconium helping companies with their digital transformation. 



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