"Is your Consent tool really GDPR compliant?"

The new Scan & Banny privacy scanner from KEMWEB knows the answer.

With the new Scan & Banny privacy scanner, website operators can immediately see where their website is collecting unsolicited data from visitors, despite the consent tool. Together with data protection experts, they can evaluate the results and make their website permanently compliant with the GDPR.

Business to Metaverse 2022


In conversations with customers, two questions come up again and again: "How can I communicate complex topics in a way that my target group can understand?" and "How do I know which new technologies are relevant to us?" In 2022, our team decided to provide a single answer to both questions: The KEMWEB Future Conference. As a topic, we picked up on what we are passionate about: the metaverse. The challenge: how to communicate the complex topic to people with different depths of expertise? How we managed to do that successfully, we explain here!

Getting a start-up off the ground.

Support of the e-learning platform FYNN Academy

We support the e-learning platform FYNN Academy in its launch: from design sprint to branding and online marketing to the production of more than 100 learning videos on the topic of real estate investment.

Big appearance for big construction projects

Julius Berger Brand Development & Websites

In the course of the website relaunch, Julius Berger International wants to sharpen its brand profile as a general planner with additional competencies. For this purpose, a clear positioning as well as an independent corporate design had to be developed - without losing the clear reference to the umbrella brand.

Making change tangible

SCHOTT Growth Culture Platform

The international technology group SCHOTT is launching a comprehensive change process in 2018 to meet the challenges of digitalization and hypercompetition. Our team designs and develops the SCHOTT "Growth Culture" online platform - the central communication tool for 16,000 employees around the world.

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