When it comes to financial issues, traditional bank advisors no longer rank first among their customers. What can be done? Volksbank Bielefeld has a surprisingly simple idea: it founds the start-up FYNN Academy. An e-learning platform with video courses on all important topics for personal finance. The idea is there, but a concept for brand presence, video formats, design and much more needs to be developed and launched with the first focus on "real estate investment". And this is where we come in!

Leistungen im Projekt

  • Design-Sprint
  • Video- und Website-Konzeption
  • Filmproduktion
  • Projektmanagement
  • Webdesign
  • Programmierung
  • Text


Design sprint: From idea to prototype in one week Together with the Fynn team around the two founders Anne Spiering and Bernhard Eickenberg, we started a design sprint in mid-September 2021. For one week, the Fynn team and KEMWEB worked together in the KEMWEB studios. Our employees from the areas of project management, conception, film production, design, text and programming took part in the KEMWEB Studios. On the first Design Sprint Day, we took a close look at competitors, target groups and product. Together we developed personas, requirements and defined our goals for FYNN Academy's Minimal Viable Product (MVP): the masterclass video courses on real estate investing. Over the course of the week, we produced a series of prototypes of the learning videos with different concepts right on site at KEMWEB Studios. After the design sprint, the start-up team was able to test these directly with a group of real interested parties.



Project history

Video production: filming real estate know-how in over 100 courses Based on the feedback from the test group, we defined the final film concept in terms of format, tonality and design and went about implementing it: planning, location scouting, scheduling, set equipment - within a few weeks, we filmed over 80 hours of raw material with the FYNN real estate experts on 12 shooting days in Bielefeld and Mainz. In close cooperation with the start-up team we started the post-production. Our team edited, dubbed and animated a total of over 100 short learning videos that teach everything about successful real estate investments.

Landing page: Attract and Reward Prospects While the design sprint was still underway, we began conceptualizing and developing the FYNN landing page. Our goal: to attract the first prospective customers to pre-register during the pre-launch phase - with a 20% discount on the courses. Together with the start-up team, we defined content and tonality for different target groups and designed a first wireframe. Building on the brand positioning and logo, we gave FYNN a standalone web design, created texts and programmed two target group-specific landing pages based on a Bootstrap template. For a successful analysis from launch, we directly integrated A/B testing via Google Optimize as well as Google Analytics.


FYNN Academy Trailer

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In May 2022, the FYNN learning platform will launch with more than 100 courses that teach future real estate investors everything there is to learn, from property search to financing to successful leasing.

What's special: Final format, design and tone are based on iteratively developed prototypes tested with real prospects. Best conditions for the success of the real estate MVP and the gradual development towards the learning platform for all financial topics.


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