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We are excited to announce the first RobotSpaceship Trend Report for Q1 2020! In this FREE report, our team of expert analysts, consultants and strategists define an actionable set of 7 key, transformational industry trends that we feel are critical to helping our readers to understand and navigate the new, confusing and ever-changing technology landscape.

Our information is based on not just research, but real-world agency-level engagement, insights and feedback with clients across many industries via our work through our parent company KEMWEB GmbH & Co. KG.

Our goal with this trend report is not just to help raise awareness of recent trends, but more importantly, to provide valuable, actionable ideas that both ignite sparks of innovative thinking and provide a benchmark for what is most relevant.

Trend Report Highlights:

2020 is the Chinese Year of the Rat, which embodies success, quick thinking, adaptation and change. 2020 promises to be a transitional year where many forms of tech become enabled to evolve and realize on a much more powerful level.

  • 5G is Here – The rollout of the new 5G cellular network technology has begun on a global scale and we will start to experience a very slow but steady evolution of much faster, smarter products and services particularly related to artificial intelligence, autonomous and streaming media.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Enabled by 5G, advances in AI will start to become increasingly more apparent. Biotech, security, business and marketing recommendation engines and voice assistants will capitalize on the ability to analyze a much more massive amount of real-time data, which will enable platforms to become much more powerful, strategic and/or siloed
  • Social Media Entertainment – 2019 was the beginning of the disruption of social media and the birth of social entertainment. Platforms like TikTok will continue throughout 2020 to become more popular, capture the attention of younger demographics and grow in advertising potential. A continued focus on social video, engagement and avatars in marketing will continue.
  • Podcasting is the New Radio – Podcasting has evolved from being a niche to overtaking radio as the most powerful and mass adopted audio medium for marketing and communication. Advertising revenue for the podcast industry will soon surpass the $1 Billion mark. The growth of corporate podcasts (including Radio!) will continue to grow.
  • Sustainability – Climate crisis, environmentalism and topics regarding corporate responsibility and sustainability will continue to become a top-level priority. We expect to see a huge increase in both effective and greenwashed corporate initiatives.
  • Politics – Politics will be a huge topic and defining factor this year, particularly based on the upcoming USA elections, which will potentially affect global trade agreements and environmental topics. The progress of 5G, climate topics and security could all be affected.
  • Agile is the New Normal – With the advancement of AI, 5G and rapid disruption of key industries such as social media, businesses are realizing that agile processes are no longer optional, they are becoming a must-have. We will continue to see businesses adopt a much more flexible, experimental strategy and approach to all aspects of their business and marketing. 


Join Us! We hope you enjoy this report and invite you to jump on the Robot Spaceship and join us on this journey, to gain some valuable insight and be part of the community.

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