We are excited to announce the new RobotSpaceship Trend Report for 2021! In this FREE report, our team of expert analysts, consultants and strategists define an actionable set of 5 key, transformational industry trends for 2021 and beyond that we feel are critical to helping our readers to understand and navigate the new, confusing and ever-changing technology landscape.

Our information is based on not just research, but real-world agency-level engagement, insights and feedback with clients across many industries via our work through our parent company KEMWEB GmbH & Co. KG.

Our goal with this trend report is not just to help raise awareness of recent trends, but more importantly, to provide valuable, actionable ideas that both ignite sparks of innovative thinking and provide a benchmark for what is most relevant.

Trend Report Highlights:

  • The New Normal Different – The pandemic has forced a permanent cultural shift to agile processes as the status quo. Anywhere Operations, Intelligent Composable Businesses and distributed cloud set the benchmarks for a constantly changing business strategy of “digital first, remote first.“
  • 5G Goes Mainstream – 5G will reach the point where we will finally see an overall increase in speed of data delivery and processing of information. 5G FWA home internet and streaming media, delivered at near real-time speeds will become a mainstay.
  • Entertainment Stays Home – The travel, entertainment and hospitality industries will continue to struggle, resulting in a continued focus on stay at home forms of entertainment. Livestreaming, social media, gaming and podcasting amplified by faster 5G networks will remain the primary form of personal engagement and marketing.
  • AI & Healthcare Tech – Corporations will be forced to tackle AI head on to solve critical pandemic related problems, causing a 500% increase in AI usage and development, such as identifying problems, cybersecurity, facial and thermal recognition.
  • ESG & Sustainablity – ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) will become more prominant. Since companies can move faster than politics, we will see corporations and big tech leading change where politics struggles to catch up.


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